Hostgator vs Justhost

Making a choice by only viewing the features of HostGator or JustHost is not easy since both HostGator and JustHost are popular web hosts in the industry. The providers, besides being experienced, provide a first class shared web hosting packages. In below HostGator vs JustHost, we compare their features, speed performance, pricing, customer services and support services, then draw a conclusion that JustHost is a better choice for shared web hosting.


Comparison on Overall Introduction

It is essential to compare the two providers in an overall introduction before comparing them in details. HostGator is a worldwide provider of dedicated, reseller, VPS, shared web hosting, and has developed from a small hosting company with multiple servers to an in-depth large company since 2012. All the company has several hosting solutions, it is unable to make all efforts into shared web hosting; hence, HostGator focuses on dedicated server and VPS more indeed.

On the other hand, JustHost is a shared hosting provider that is professional and designed for small businesses, as well as individuals. JustHost focuses on the all-in-one shared hosting all the time from 1997 to 2012, and in 2013, the company launched the dedicated servers and the upgrade servers. Millions of customers trust it due to its affordable price and excellent services.

Comparison on Features

Although the shared hosting plans of both HostGator and JustHost are affordable, clients must note that the Hatchling plan of HostGator only permits one domain and one site on one account, and this is too limited for these with several websites.

On the contrary, the following competitive features make JustHost shared web hosting plan more efficient:

· Unlimited Web Hosting: The JustPlan consists of a broad range of features such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, FTP account, ability to host unlimited domains and unlimited email.

· Free Domain Registration: JustHost does this in two ways; providing one domain for free or allowing customers to transfer an existing domain name free of charge.

Comparison on Performance

A partnership exists between HostGator and SoftLayer for all network services and primary data centers. As SofLayer offers one of the best web services, the performance of the HostGator is better when compared to the several cheap providers. However, the third-party data centers are out of full control making HostGator a little bit worse than JustHost.

To ensure on the better hosting performance, JustHost, on the other hand, builds a world-class data center at Chicago in Illinois. It ensures the hosting sites fast through provision of ten Gigabit Ethernet connections and high-performance quad processor servers. Averagely in the past thirty days, JustHost commits to a fast server response as 336ms, according to WPMatter, and this is approximately 66% faster than HostGator.

Comparison on Price

While HostGator shared web hosting consists of three level plans; Baby, Business and Hatchling plans. HostGator starts at $3.96/mo, $6.36/mo and $10.36/mo particularly and displays a discount of 25% with the coupon code BWH25Percent. However, the renewal price is not acceptable, not only high to $8.95/mo but also 141% more expensive than the original price.

The shared web hosting of JustHost is quite affordable. They charge from $7.99/mo on a regular basis. Additionally, customers going through their current promotional link, get to enjoy a discount of up to 69%, making JustHost shared web hosting as low as $2.50/mo and thirty-two percent more affordable than HostGator Hatchling plan.


In summary, we can make a conclusion that JustHost is better than HostGator after the reviewed comparison between them. JustHost is less expensive and has reliable and rich-featured shared web hosting solution. Therefore, it is highly commendable for customers to go for JustHost.

socalgrassroots / February 24, 2015 / Hostgator Webhosting

Hostgator vs Weebly Webhosting

Hostgator provides multiple affordable and upgradeable hosting plans, unlimited bandwidth, disk space and sub-domains, free templates, ad credits, as well as a cPanel.

The company also grant their users the ability to locally transfer files to the server, to use a professional email, as well as to access an unlimited database. It also has a site builder, which can be set up instantly – a feature that is very helpful for non-techy website owners who want to publish their sites immediately.

Introduction to Weebly

Weebly provides both free hosting and pro accounts. Their free web hosting account comes with a free subdomain, drag and drop site builder, and lots of professional website templates to choose from.

With premium account, users can have up to 10 websites, more templates to choose from, and enhanced website features such as a site search box, which is not available in the free plan. Other features include an audio player, password protected pages (helpful for site owners who want to hide some of their website pages), a traffic statistics report, and the ability to have website members.

Unlike Hostgator, free accounts on Weebly do not provide a cPanel, an important feature for websites with database and multiple pages.

Comparison of Pricing

Weebly users with free accounts may choose to upgrade their website to a Weebly Pro for only $4.99 per month. This is cheaper compared to the regular price of Hostgator’s basic plan which starts at $7.96 per month. Weebly Pro allows its users to have a larger file size limit as well as password-protected pages.

Hostgator does not offer free accounts but they provide more extensive features. The company also gives out lots of coupon codes that give a huge discount to their first time customers, and let them pay as low as $0.01 for the first month.

The company also has a 45-day money back guarantee, a better deal compared to Weebly Pro’s 30-day money back guarantee.

Comparison of Customer Support

Hostgator provides assistance through phone call, email, fax, ticketing and live chat while Weebly only provides additional support to Pro users. Non-Hostgator users can even take advantage of the customer service support.

Hostgator or Weebly?

Weebly is popular when it comes to free web hosting but Hostgator is far more considered by website owners who are serious about building their websites. Although they both provide easy drag and drop website builders, Weebly falls short in terms of customer support, file storage, bandwidth, and file transfer features.

Also, the inability to fully control your website, upload your own design and database, as well as use scripts to improve your website functionalities and design are the reasons why a lot of website owners have moved their websites to Hostgator.

Weebly is great for websites that has limited traffic and pages, whereas, Hostgator is excellent for websites with multiple pages and a growing traffic.

Looking into their Better Business Bureau reviews, we can see that Hostgator is rated with A+ and Weebly with an F. Weebly sure has positive feedback for their free web hosting accounts but reviews reveal that their Pro account does not provide what it’s worth.

socalgrassroots / February 4, 2015 / Hostgator Webhosting